About Federation

Kyiv Chess Federation is a public organization founded in 1998. Federation activity is aimed at chess popularization in the capital of Ukraine, support of young Ukrainian sportsmen, organization and conducting of chess competitions.

Chess is a thousand-year old art that develops logic, strategic mentality, self-control, ability to resist emotional pressing of a competitor. Paradoxically, this ingenious and world-famous game still needs popularization in Ukraine – the country that has not only strong sportsmen and talented coaches, but also champions with the world-famous names.

The Mission of Kyiv Chess Federation is the development of chess sport, increase of public interest in chess game, rousing young people’s interest in the ideas of chess art, training a new generation of Ukrainian intellectuals and chess champions of the world.

We are sure, our joint efforts will make Kyiv a world center of chess art, and Ukraine will return its status of an intellectual country.



Pavel Kuftyryev
President of the Kiev Chess Federation